School Of Language – Dress Up

Exclusively premiered! Thoughtful finger-popping from Field Music’s David Brewis heralds Old Fears album.

David Brewis

School Of Language – aka Field Music’s younger Brewis brother David – release “their” second album on April 7. It’s called Old Fears, and glosses a familiar Brewis fetish for cerebral song-movement and sharp, surprising instrumental flourishes with sunny mid-’80s techno pop and earthier dance music vibes from Shalamar (really!) to Fela Kuti.

Heralding its arrival we have a – *trumpet blast* – MOJO exclusive premiere of standout track Dress Up, an itchy little number encapsulating Old Fears’ meld of progressive rock detail and 21st century pop-dance cadence – Brewis mentions to MOJO a penchant for early, Pharrell-assisted Timberlake – all wrapped up in the cool, slightly bookish hush typical of Brewis.

If you like it, stay tuned to MOJO, where we’ll be posting a thoughtful interview with David in the run-up to Old Fears’ April 7 release.