Grateful Dead Set For Cinematic Finale In The UK

The psych legends’ last gig will be shown in cinemas this July. Read the latest MOJO for the untold story of Jerry Garcia’s first acid trip.


THE GRATEFUL DEAD will play their last ever gig this summer, and the show will be screened in full in cinemas across the UK.

MOJO 259: the international cover, featuring the Grateful Dead.
Outside the UK, MOJO 259’s cover stars the Grateful Dead.

The concert at Chicago’s Soldier Field on July 5 – 20 years to the day since the Dead’s last ever show with founder Jerry Garcia (pictured), will be the final time the four remaining members of the classic line-up, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, play together.

Avoiding a 4am rise for fans, the gig will be shown in over 250 UK cinemas the following evening (July 6). Visit for screening details and tickets.

Meanwhile the group’s first ever trip is revisited, and their most mind-bending recordings revealed, in the latest edition of MOJO (June 2015/ #259).

“Acid and music was the tool I’d been looking for.”

Phil Lesh

Recalling their first experience with psychedelics and the days of proto-Dead group The Warlocks, MOJO’s Jesse Jarnow recreates the atmosphere of 1960s San Francisco as he delves into the untold story of Garcia’s initial acid experiences and the impact they would have on him and his band’s music.

“We found that while high we were able to go very far out musically but still come back to some kind of recognisable space or song structure,” recalls Lesh of the band’s early dabblings.

“I knew instantly that this combination – acid and music – was the tool I’d been looking for.”


PHOTO: Alamy