New Film Promises “Unique And Intimate” Syd Barrett Portrait

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WITH A NAME taken from an “imaginary” song, new Pink Floyd documentary Have You Got It? boasts an appropriately twisted tale of its own.

The film about Syd Barrett is due later this year, and as revealed in the just-published third edition of MOJO ’60s, it’s been quite a trip to get it finished.

MOJO ’60s, Vol 3 – cover star Bob Dylan
MOJO ’60s, Vol 3 – cover star Bob Dylan.

On sale now, MOJO ’60s includes an interview with director Roddy Bogawa, who inherited the project from one of Pink Floyd’s greatest collaborators.

Sleeve creator and Hipgnosis art guru Storm Thorgerson started the film chronicling Floyd’s founding talent, but the baton was to Bogawa following the designer’s death in 2013.

With such a pedigree, the film promises new insight into Barrett’s life and includes interviews with all the surviving members of Pink Floyd.

“Have You Got It? is truly unique and has an intimate quality that the other films about him haven’t been able to capture,” Bogawa tells MOJO ’60s.

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