Depeche Mode

Spirit Columbia | CD DL LP

Fourteenth studio album sees the Mode turn dark and angry.

AFTER A TRILOGY OF RECORDS with producer Ben Hillier, Depeche Mode have changed up and turned to James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) for sonic guidance. The result is their heaviest-sounding album for years, filled with thumping electronics matched to a furious state-of-the-world address which reaches a peak with the railing against political apathy in Where’s The Revolution and the distorted-voiced disgust of Scum. In contrast, amid the Angelo Badalamenti-styled soundscape of the Worst Crime, violent racism is tackled with affecting sadness, and the noir ’60s-echoing, Dave Gahan-written showstopper Poison Heart spotlights the singer detailing a broken relationship with a femme fatale. Blow by blow, it all adds up to Depeche Mode’s best album this century.

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