Concrete and Gold sleeve

Foo Fighters

Concrete And Gold Columbia | cd dl lp

Dave Grohl’s troupe reach out in new directions on expansive ninth LP.

IN CONCEPTION AND EXECUTION, Concrete And Gold stands as Foo Fighters’ most beguiling record to date. There is much to admire here as they grind rock and pop’s tectonic plates together in a deliberate gamble to widen their sound. Throughout, the Foos operate with a charming exploratory giddiness, be it the audacious layered harmonies on T-Shirt or the surprise piano coda on Sunday Rain. Producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia) handles this sonic repositioning expertly, finding cohesion among all the duelling elements. Indeed, his borderline-pathological attention to detail adds melodic richness even when the band are dispatching the screamed assault of La Dee Da. Best of all is the title track: containing strangled notes, choral sequences and one of Grohl’s most affected – and affecting – vocal performances to date. Rarely have the Foos sounded this big, or this bold.

Watch the video for key track The Sky Is A Neighborhood…