Joseph Arthur – Missy Baba

Latest freewheeling taste of the prolific Ohio native’s forthcoming double album.

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur’s relentless recording output continues apace with his 10th album – the mammoth 24-song 2CD The Ballad Of Boogie Christ (Act 1 and 2) – set for release on September 9. Described by Arthur as a record centered on “a fictionalized character loosely based on my own journey”, the album was recorded in upstate New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and in Arthur’s Brooklyn studio and features contributions from Joan As Policewoman, Ben Harper, Jim Keltner and The Band’s Garth Hudson.

The Ballad of Boogie Christ is unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” says Arthur. “It’s a big production featuring horns and brass… it’s a concept album with a story arc about a man falling apart and coming back together in insanity and enlightenment. It’s a psychedelic soul record about redemption and what happens when you find it and lose it. There are certain moments on the album that are just pop music and sugary. I didn’t want it to be this diatribe of heaviness, and it had been like that sometimes. I definitely wanted moments of relief within it, where you just get a good jam.”

Get your first taste of Arthur’s third album release in the last two years, via this exclusive stream of the exuberant Missy Baba: