Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa & Graham Nash Go Inside Pop

Fascinating 1967 film lifts the lid on “the strange and compelling scene called ‘pop music'”.

Brian Wilson In The Studio, 1966

Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution was a landmark CBS documentary filmed in November 1966, first broadcast on April 25, 1967 and hosted by venerable composer Leonard Bernstein – a man “fascinated by the strange and compelling scene called ‘pop music'”. Bringing together a coterie of musicians to discuss these “odd, defiant and free” songs, the programme presented pop as an innovative and eclectic art form that was so often dismissed by older generations as a passing fad for young people.

Bernstein is brilliant throughout directing his love of this new music through a prism of musical technicalities and a genuine admiration for pop’s “new inventions” and “totally unexpected chords”. He also picks some impeccable examples of this “irresistible” music from The Beatles (“more inventive than most”), Bob Dylan, The Left Banke, The Association, The Monkees, Tim Buckley and The Byrds. Oh, and there’s also a sublime first taste of Brian Wilson’s Surf’s Up.

Watch the whole documentary here: