Money – Hold Me Forever

Spearheading a Manchester rock revival, with some help from Cillian Murphy.


MONEY’S ETHEREAL SWOONER has had the MOJO office waxing nostalgic for proper old school indie bands with slim volumes of Plath protruding from thrift shop raincoats. The shimmering ambience, high twangling guitars and Jamie Lee’s tumbledown voice – like Joe Strummer entwined with Chris Martin – crank up the bedsit delirium while lines like “the moral tramp who preaches disorder” evoke James’s Tim Booth at his earnestly overheated peak. It’s all Rainer Maria Rilke round Money’s house, don’t you know.

On the eve of the Manchester International Festival (it kicks off tomorrow, July 4), it’s fitting a Manc band should grace our TOTD slot, especially one that seems so in love with the “boisterous intellect” (their words, though they could be Tony Wilson’s) of their town. Their debut album, The Shadow Of Heaven, is due on August 26 through Bella Union. The North, it appears, may yet rise again.

Money’s Hold Me Forever promo is directed by top Irish actor Cillian Murphy – the one from 28 Days Later with the piercing blue eyes – and has lots of ballet dancers in it. It’s a great story for Money but, in truth, it doesn’t actually do very much for the song. Close your eyes for the old school “listening to a record” effect. Provide your own slim volume of Plath.