MOJO 252 / November 2014

On sale from Tuesday, September 30, 2014, the new issue of MOJO enters the court of post-punk’s Ice Queen, Siouxsie Sioux, bloodied but unbowed by The Banshees’ implacable 37-year assault on pop culture conventions. Also: the strange ’70s of Beatle George – not the Quiet One after all? Jack White remembers John Peel, 10 years gone; Underworld and Judas Priest reveal their inner turmoil while U2 explain their infiltration of our inboxes. Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Prince and Led Zeppelin are reviewed in MOJO’s typical and definitive depth. And don’t miss our free CD of the music that inspired the Banshees, hand-picked by Steven Severin and Siouxsie herself.


Bryan Ferry
What Goes On!

MOJO’s Glastonbury 2014

The Mother Of British Festivals reaches its 32nd instalment. Witness crazily-robed cosmic jazzers, a majestic Bryan Ferry and space dance gymnastics…

MOJO 249 cover Jack White crop

MOJO 249 / August 2014

On sale from Tuesday, June 24, a candid peek into the Wizard Of Oz world of Jack White – rock’n’roll icon, indie music magnate and vinyl fetishist. Meanwhile, MOJO 249 is also our Vinyl Issue – a celebration of the greatest music format and its recent resurgence, with a Good Vinyl Guide and more black plastic thrills. A free Best Of Third Man Records CD, hand-compiled by Jack exclusively for MOJO, plus features with Elbow, Jimmy Page, The Slits and Santana round out a cracking issue.