MOJO 266 / January 2016

The new MOJO magazine is a must-have for admirers of David Bowie. The cover story is the exclusive inside skinny on his new album, ★ (Blackstar), backed up with a 35th Anniversary celebration of his 1980 classic, Scary Monsters, while all print issues come equipped with two fabulous Bowie art prints by celebrated portraitists Mick Rock and Duffy, all inside a posh card sleeve. Sealing the deal, it’s our annual round-up of the year’s finest music, with a Best Of 2015 CD featuring top acts including New Order, Julia Holter, Sufjan Stevens and Bill Ryder-Jones, plus an in-mag rundown of all the essential albums, reissues, films, books etc. Also inside: Laurie Anderson in depth, Fleetwood Mac relive Tusk, unseen AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen replenishes The River. Plus: Billy Gibbons, Lush, Don Henley, How To Buy Ace Records, and All Back To Crosby, Stills & Nash’s.