MOJO 266 / January 2016

The new MOJO magazine is a must-have for admirers of David Bowie. The cover story is the exclusive inside skinny on his new album, ★ (Blackstar), backed up with a 35th Anniversary celebration of his 1980 classic, Scary Monsters, while all print issues come equipped with two fabulous Bowie art prints by celebrated portraitists Mick Rock and Duffy, all inside a posh card sleeve. Sealing the deal, it’s our annual round-up of the year’s finest music, with a Best Of 2015 CD featuring top acts including New Order, Julia Holter, Sufjan Stevens and Bill Ryder-Jones, plus an in-mag rundown of all the essential albums, reissues, films, books etc. Also inside: Laurie Anderson in depth, Fleetwood Mac relive Tusk, unseen AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen replenishes The River. Plus: Billy Gibbons, Lush, Don Henley, How To Buy Ace Records, and All Back To Crosby, Stills & Nash’s.



MOJO 265 / December 2015

The new MOJO magazine is a bumper, bagged package, as an exclusive, super-candid interview with songwriting legend Elvis Costello is amplified by a bespoke, Costello-curated CD featuring the music that inspired him, and augmented by a 52-page book that explores Bob Dylan’s 12-volume Bootleg Series, looking beyond the official album releases to unveil Dylan’s secret history. Also in this issue: inside The Beatles’ new 50-track DVD; Jeff Lynne reboots ELO; Lou Reed’s doomed bid for pop stardom; Richard Hawley interviewed by Roddy Doyle. Plus: Morrissey, Jack White, Phil Collins, The Monkees, Guy Garvey, Gene Vincent, Fairport Convention, Foals, 140 Reviews and a chance to win the extraordinary 18-disc Collector’s Edition of Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Volume 12: The Cutting Edge!



MOJO 255 / February 2015

On sale from Tuesday, December 30, the new issue of MOJO features David Bowie’s 100 Greatest Songs – selected, analyzed and re-evaluated by our expert writers. It’s a cover story so big it required three collectable covers! [BUY YOUR FAVOURITE BELOW] And that’s just the beginning of our celebration of Bowie’s genius as we speak to his closest collaborators and reveal the secrets behind his great first album, The Man Who Sold The World. The Free CD provides more yet insight, with 15 songs from the artists whose influence paved the way for The Dame: David Bowie’s Heroes featuring music from Chuck Berry, Billy Fury, Frank Sinatra, The Pretty Things and more. Also in the issue: The Kinks in the ’70s, a tribute to Ian McLagan, plus R.E.M., FKA Twigs and bruising encounter with Black Flag legend Henry Rollins. Let’s dance…


MOJO 254 / January 2015

On sale from Tuesday, November 25, the new issue of MOJO delivers a world exclusive U2 interview. In the wake of their iTunes home invasion with Songs Of Innocence, Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam take us back to their roots in perilous ’70s Dublin and fight a corner for one of the albums of their career. Meanwhile, your free CD is our ever-popular round-up of the most incredible music of the past 12 months. The aptly titled BEST OF 2014 features tracks from Beck, Robert Plant, Jack White, Julie Byrne, The War On Drugs, Caribou, Temples and more. Also in the issue: MOJO’s definitive Albums Of The Year guide and a celebration of The Who’s breakthrough year – 1964. Plus! Quake in your boots as we step into the lair of notorious Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then enjoy the ups and downs of Buzzcocks’ punkpop heyday, hop on tour with a resurgent Johnny Marr and remember the greatness of Jack Bruce. It’s all happening!