Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

Glide down the electronic freeway with the Baltimore three’s heartfelt, anthemic synth pop.

Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

SAMUEL T. HERRING, demonstrative voice of mature electro pop purveyors Future Islands, has described this track as “simply a song about the human experience.” He could be more specific, but don’t worry; Seasons (Waiting On You) is a yearning, ‘80s-inflected pop song, uptight yet emotional, that recalls such heavyweights as New Order and The Cure (you can also hum Sylvian and Sakamoto’s Forbidden Colours over the intro – not a critique). Gruff-to-smooth frontman Herring brings a curiously European sensibility to the song, adding to the blurring of the decades.

For another possible means of interpretation, watch the modern cowboy video by Jay Buim, who’s previously made other slice-of-life Future Islands clips that don’t feature the band. It’s off new LP, Singles, out on March 24.

PHOTO: Tim Saccenti