20 Things That Prove The Majesty Of Prince

As Prince invades London to promote his 3RDEYEGIRL project, MOJO unveils 20 reasons to celebrate His Purpleness.

20 Things That Prove The Majesty Of Prince

PRINCE FEVER IS AT, ER, fever pitch following last night’s guerrilla London show, Sunday night’s post-Super Bowl cameo on Fox’s New Girl sitcom, the release on iTunes of the latest single by his three-quarter-female rock combo, 3RDEYEGIRL, and continuing UK-based activity.

Prince MOJO Interview

PRETZELBODYLOGIC precedes the expected announcement of a release date for an album entitled PLECTRUMELECTRUM. The excitement underlines the impression that Prince is back, back, back.

Some (including Prince himself) would argue that he’s never been away. Even so, and despite extensive gigging, Prince albums have had mixed impact since 2006’s excellent 3121. However, everything around the 3RDEYEGIRL project, especially the music so far made available, including the recent single FIXURLIFEUP, suggests that anticipation is justified.

Stay alert for a special and exclusive Prince-related treat in the next issue of MOJO magazine, on sale February 25.

Meanwhile, enjoy MOJO’s 20 Reasons Why Prince Will Always Rule

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