Exclusive: Listen To Ty Segall's Children Of Paul

Enjoy this cut from the Californian psych magus's forthcoming collection, $INGLE$ 2.

Exclusive: Listen To Ty Segall's Children Of Paul

“I SUPPORT THE CHURCH of rock’n’roll,” declares Ty Segall in the latest issue of MOJO. “When someone says guitars are meaningless and the volume of your amp is bullshit it’s like… No, f**k you! It still changed how my muscles feel, how my brain feels… it still changes ME. It still means something to me.” Proving just how much it means is his latest almost-concept album Manipulator, which the 27 year-old Californian discusses at length in MOJO 253, out now.

However, the ultra-prolific garage rocker – he’s clocked up 16 solo LPs in six years, not to mention a host of collaborative projects – couldn’t stick at just the one release this year, and he’s just announced that a new collection, $INGLE$ 2, will be out on November 17.

Bringing together singles released between 2011 and 2013, the compilation covers tracks culled from albums Goodbye Bread, Twins and Sleeper and their flip sides, many of which are now out of print.

As a preview, MOJO has an exclusive stream of Children Of Paul, the European B-side of 2011’s I Can’t Feel It, which you can listen to below right now.

Get MOJO 253 / December 2014 now for the full Ty Segall interview and more.

PHOTO: Chase Stevens for MOJO