Madonna's 10 Greatest Songs

WHAT DID WE LEARN, immersing ourselves in Madonna's oeuvre, in preparation for the cover story in the latest MOJO magazine? MOJO Madonna: the newsstand cover. On sale from Tuesday, January 27.

Firstly (and, like, durr) that she has a lot of great songs. Secondly, that for a predominantly dance-pop artist, she is uncommonly artful and eclectic. Thirdly, that she can’t help but pour her life into her songs, even the ones she didn’t, technically, write.

So, as a kind of audio-visual companion to our new issue, here’s the MOJO office’s idea of La Ciccone’s 10 Greatest Songs. You will agree with some, excoriate others. As ever, we look forward to your feedback on MOJO’s Facebook and @MOJOmagazine on Twitter.

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PHOTO: Rex Features