“A New Simon & Garfunkel Album Is Just Over There…” Says Art

Art Garfunkel, one half of the most successful vocal duo of all time, on the pair's highs and lows... and their future.

“A New Simon & Garfunkel Album Is Just Over There…” Says Art

ART GARFUNKEL“FEELS” it’s time for a new Simon & Garfunkel album. He’s just waiting for Paul Simon to say the word. The cover of MOJO 262, on sale in the UK from Tuesday, July 28, 2015.

Speaking in the latest edition of MOJO, (September 2015 / #262), on sale in the UK now, the singer claims to have overcome vocal difficulties, declaring “Now I can sing like Artie is supposed to again”. Not only is he ready to perform live with his on-off bandmate again, but he wants to record a sixth album with Simon, their first since 1970’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

“I love Paul Simon. I loved him since I met him,” Garfunkel tells James McNair in an often emotionally-charged interview.

“He’s got a very precious soul and my heart goes out to his real set of needs. He can be subterranean, and yet I feel a new Simon & Garfunkel album is just over there.”

Indeed he uses his chat with MOJO to invite Simon to the studio, declaring with a smile: “It ain’t me, babe! What you got for me, Paul? Where’s the f**king rehearsal for the next album?”

Get the latest issue, on sale in the UK now, for the full interview, including Garfunkel’s thoughts on the pair’s splits, reunions and more. Plus – he picks his five favourite vocal performances.


PHOTO: Alamy