The Velvet Underground ‘Re-Load’, 45 Years On

The anniversary of the band’s 1970 album Loaded to be marked with new, six-disc reissue, including a previously unreleased live record.

The Velvet Underground ‘Re-Load’, 45 Years On

The Velvet Underground’s Loaded – the last of the influential group’s studio records to feature Lou Reed, not to mention the most unfairly overlooked – is the latest of the band’s albums to celebrate its 45th birthday with a new edition. Just what is it that you want to re-release? The cover of The Velvet Underground's <em>Loaded</em>

Loaded: Re-Loaded will be released on October 30 as an expanded edition, following similar treatments for The Velvet Underground, White Light/ White Heat and The Velvet Underground & Nico when those records reached the same milestone.

The reissue not only features the album in mono and stereo, but there are high definition, surround-sound remixes included, while a selection of demos and alternative versions also feature on a bonus disc.

The band’s 1970 live album Live At Max’s Kansas City has been remastered for inclusion in the six-disc box set, featuring tracks not included on the 2004 re-release of the record.

Also on the live front, The Velvet Underground’s gig at Philadelphia’s Second Fret on May 9, 1970 – which was recorded on reel-to-reel by fan Bob Kachnycz who hitchhiked to the show – is released for the first time as part of the package.

For Loaded: Re-Loaded’s full tracklisting, visit Meanwhile, enjoy a live version of Sweet Jane from 2014’s “Third Album” box...