Ringo Starr’s Photographs Set For National Portrait Gallery Show

As his private collection goes on show at the London institution, read MOJO’s interview with the camera-happy Beatle.

Ringo Starr’s Photographs Set For National Portrait Gallery Show

DRUMMING IN THE world’s greatest rock’n’roll band would be enough for some, but Ringo Starr has constantly added further strings to his bow. Having voiced Thomas The Tank Engine and recently turned his efforts to selling sneakers, the Beatle’s photography talents are being fully recognised with a major new exhibition.

The drummer’s rarely seen pictures, including images from his childhood, his time in the Fab Four and more will go on display at the National Portrait Gallery as he opens his archives.

“I shot the kind of moments where The Beatles were just being normal.”

Ringo Starr

However, it’s not quite the first time Ringo has delved into his files, as he spoke to MOJO about his shuttling between positions behind the drum kit and the lens with our Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander when he published a limited, signed run of his photography book, Photograph, in 2013. A more modestly priced edition will be with us on September 21, to coincide with the new show.

“Ordinary people didn’t have cameras before the ’60s,” recalls Ringo of his first forays into camera craft.

“But I got interested in photography as things started happening with The Beatles… I took of those kind of moments where we were just being normal and enjoying ourselves.”

Read the full, extended interview with Ringo about his pictures right now, including a picture-by-picture commentary from the Beatle.