Bob Mould: “I Wanted George Martin To Produce Hüsker Dü”

Get the latest issue of MOJO magazine for an in-depth interview with the hardcore hero. Including: how the Beatles producer could have saved his legendary band.

Bob Mould: “I Wanted George Martin To Produce Hüsker Dü”

THEY WERE OFTEN called The Beatles of hardcore, and it seems it’s a comparison Hüsker Dü were keen to take further by working with George Martin. The Rolling Stones on the cover of MOJO 270, on sale in the UK from March 22.

Speaking in the MOJO Interview in our latest issue, (May 2016 / #270) on sale in the UK now, Bob Mould explains that had the Fab Four’s producer been persuaded to join them in the studio they would have made another record together rather than splitting up in the late ’80s.

Speaking to Keith Cameron, the songwriter explains that their then label, Warners, asked for and approached their wish list of collaborators.

“They said, ‘Who would you like as a producer?’ I said, ‘If you get George Martin we’ll do it.’” Mould recalls . “[They went] ‘He’s not interested but we can get Geoff Emerick…’ I’m like, ‘Not the engineer, I want George Martin!’ (Laughs) No disrespect to Geoff, who’s great of course.”

Unfortunately, Mould’s dream producer never materialised and relations within Hüsker Dü, already souring, further deteriorated.

“In the summer of ’87, trying to get together and write, the disinterest…” he muses. “That was the only thing being written: ‘I want out.’ Everybody wanted out. And it’s sad, when we jump ahead to… however it ended.”

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