Win A Musical Chemistry Set From... The Chemistry Set!

MOJO has one very limited edition copy of the John Peel-approved, Brit pysch types’ The Endless More & More album to give away.

Win A Musical Chemistry Set From... The Chemistry Set!

HOW BETTER TO celebrate cult British neo-psych rockers The Chemistry Set than by turning their latest album into an actual chemistry set! The group, who at their late-’80s inception counted John Peel and Anthony H. Wilson among their admirers, are reissuing their Fruits de Mer album The Endless More & More (originally released in January) as a “science and sonic playground” – and MOJO has one of this very limited edition to give away!

Described by our own Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander as “one of the most remarkable things I have seen”, the edition includes the original album on double vinyl, a CD version (accompanied by Fruits de Mer’s patented “classic vinyl sound emulator”), a 12-inch including a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Love Or Confusion, plus test tubes, tote bags and much more.

There are just 100 copies of The Chemistry Set’s special edition chemistry set, so head to our competitions page double-quick for a chance to win.

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