MOJO 282 / May 2017

You’ll believe a pig can fly! MOJO celebrates 50 years of Pink Floyd as a recording band and 40 years since Animals, their angriest album, was unleashed. The package contains a lovingly curated CD of progressive sounds, including mind-expanding tracks by Hawkwind, Foxygen, Public Service Broadcasting, Gong, The Phoenix Foundation, Dungen, Jane Weaver and more. Inside the magazine, the Floyd’s Roger Waters gives an exclusive interview about the Animals album and MOJO is afforded an exclusive preview of the V&A’s extraordinary Pink Floyd exhibition. Also this month: Prince – the man behind the myth; the madness and majesty of Bat Out Of Hell; Delaney & Bonnie’s soul-rock circus; plus Future Islands, Dave Brock, Incredible String Band, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Aimee Mann, David Axelrod, Ice-T, Diamanda Galás and more.

A limited edition of 5000 premium-priced copies feature a special lenticular cover. You can buy one here.

MOJO 282 / May 2017

COVER STORY Roger Waters helps MOJO celebrate 40 Years Of The Pig, and reveals how Animals, the group’s angriest album, has been reborn in the Time Of Trump. PLUS! MOJO unveils The V&A’s pending Pink Floyd exhibition – the biggest of any sort they’ve ever staged. Here comes “Algie”! MOJO 282’s Limited Edition lenticular cover looks a bit like this.

ALTERNATE COVER Get hold of our strictly limited Lenticular Edition and watch Pink Floyd’s iconic pig, “Algie”, fly across the cover! ORDER ONE HERE

FREE CD: PIGS MIGHT FLY A compendium of progressive sounds of the usual high quality, embracing boundary-pushing tracks by Hawkwind, Foxygen, Public Service Broadcasting, Gong, The Phoenix Foundation, Dungen, Jane Weaver and more

PRINCE A glimpse of the man – funny, childlike, tragic – behind the legend with Paisley Park court photographer Steve Parke: “With Prince, you learned not to say, We can’t do that.”

DELANEY & BONNIE They were the It Couple who sold southern soul values to the late-’60s kings of rock before booze and infidelity tore them apart.

DAVE BROCK Hawkwind’s Lord Of Misrule remembers a half century of astral travels, psychic warfare, legal snafus, naked golfers and Sam Fox in the MOJO Interview.

FUTURE ISLANDS On the bus with the go-to guys for intense, emotional pop and Napoleon Dynamite dancing. But what’s the dark shadow inching across their late success?

BAT OUT OF HELL How the album that swallowed the world made the record industry eat its words, drove a wedge between the giant egos who made it, and returned for an unlikely (final?) flight.

REVIEWED Ray Davies / Mark Lanegan / Willie Nelson / Bob Dylan / Robyn Hitchcock / Thundercat / Wire / Father John Misty / Aimee Mann / Awa Poulo / British Sea Power / Fleetwood Mac / The Rascals / Brinsley Schwartz / Larry Coryell / Pete(r) Doherty

PLUS Tom Petty gets by with a little help from his friends / So do The Charlatans / David Rodigan’s life in reggae / Diamanda Galás blows our minds / Ice-T waxes philosophical / Joan Shelley rises / The Incredible String Band go back in time / David Axelrod, Clude Stubblefield are remembered / And… the strangeness of Jeanette…