MOJO 285 / August 2017

THIS MONTH MOJO commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's musical revolution with an exclusive step inside his studio realm – courtesy of his closest sonic confidant – and a celebration of the 27 songs that landmarked his too-short life. Our covermount CD is also Jimi-themed: Kiss The Sky is a 15-track trek from the blues to the stars and beyond. Also in the issue: The Clash take punk to the provinces in spring ’77; Roger Waters picks a fight; Dan Auerbach says The Black Keys will have to wait; The Selecter relive their 2-Tone travails. Plus: Father John Misty trips out; Depeche Mode go live; Steve Earle by his own hand; OK Computer rebooted; Warren Zevon reassessed; And: U2; Scott Walker; Oumou Sangare; The National; Kraftwerk; Ride; farewell, Chris Cornell, Gregg Allman, Saxa; Dylan at Newport ’63. And finally: how John Lennon freed John Sinclair with a bagful of drugs.


MOJO 285 / August 2017


COVER STORY: JIMI HENDRIX 50 years since his stratospheric breakthrough, MOJO explores the 27 songs – one for each year of his life – that define Jimi’s sonic revolution, and offers a rare glimpse inside his secret studio world. “The rules were there were no rules,” discovers Mat Snow.

FREE CD: KISS THE SKY In tribute to Jimi, a 15-track trip from the heart of the blues into the vastness of space, and beyond. Starring: Sun Ra, Wolf People, Black Mountain, Endless Boogie, Earl King Guitar Slim and more.

THE CLASH On the White Riot Tour in May ’77, The Clash took punk to the provinces, topping a volatile bill of next-gen iconoclasts. Unsurprisingly, “it was chaos”.

ROGER WATERS Pink Floyd’s Gob Almighty unveils his first solo album for 20 years. Cue arm-wrestling with Nigel Godrich, love-life revelations and a little bit of politics.

DAN AUERBACH The Black Keys mainman on Beefheart, Burnside and burnout, and a new solo album cut with legendary sidemen in his very own Field Of Dreams.

THE SELECTER 2 Tone’s secret weapon forges on, under Pauline Black’s charismatic leadership. But the fallout from their fame years is still felt...

FATHER JOHN MISTY The erstwhile Fleet Fox survived fundamentalist Christianity before finding himself, in a tree, on LSD. No wonder the world looks crazy to him.

REVIEWED Radiohead / Depeche Mode / Peter Perrett / John Murry / Public Service Broadcasting / Kraftwerk / Karen Gwyer / Planetarium / Lillie Mae / Little Steven / Benjamin Booker / Anne Briggs / Patto / Tamikrest / Goth

PLUS MC5 on trial; John Lennon to the rescue / The National in the studio / U2 on the road / Ride: the fall / Warren Zevon unpacked / Scott Walker reduxed / Karima Walker perfects her dough / Oumou Sangaré: Malian feminist superceleb / Dylan at Newport ’63 / farewell, Chris Cornell, Gregg Allman, Saxa / And! Steve Earle’s Harry Potter addiction!