Cults – High Road

New York duo gain sophistication on new single from their forthcoming album, Static. Hear it now.

Cults – High Road

Released ahead of the New York duo’s second album Static next month, High Road sees Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion move out from behind the cutesie Wall Of Sound retro pop that defined their self-titled debut album and into an airier, space-age bachelor pad of musical sophistication, one with with plenty of room for swirling organs and treated strings in which to indulge all their art-house matinee soundtrack fantasies. While Cults' sound was always multi-layered and high-gloss, here Madeline Follin’s vocal in particular sounds different. Coyly backgrounded against the wooshing synths and strutting bass groove, it’s no longer a waifish, daydreaming teen but the cool, brushed-silk voice of grown-up yearning and melancholic regret.

High Roads promises much from the new Cults album, which could be the sound of fuzzy-headed twentysomethings surveying the fag ends and sticky carpets of 2010’s teeny bop party and going out, blinking into the light of the next stage their career. And if that sounds too grown up and boring then the album comes with its own animated gif artwork – you know, for fun! CultsLP

Listen to High Road here: