Billie Joe + Norah – Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

Green Day droog and diamond-selling chanteuse pay heartfelt tribute to the Everly Brothers. Hear it now.

Billie Joe + Norah – Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

Released during the first flaring of the Everly Brothers’ popularity in 1958, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us collected folk songs and other rootsy items that could have been traditional, learned by the young Don and Phil round the fireside back home in Kentucky. The album’s love-and-death mixture of murder ballads, laments and lullabies planted a seed in the mind of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong when he heard it a few years ago, which has grown into the new album Foreverly. Therein Armstrong and Norah Jones cover the record in its entirety, singing in tight and sympathetic harmony over a sparse backing of drums, piano and guitar.

It includes their heartfelt take on the Everlys’ version of Gene Autry’s 1932 song Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine. It's a touching apology to a fading parent from a recalcitrant child who knows it’s “too late to pay for those sorrows and cares”, poignantly leavened the standby solace of all being well in Heaven.

Listen to it here: