David Crosby - Sky Trails

His third album in four years: the late-reblooming Cros is on a roll.

David Crosby - Sky Trails

Sky Trails


LOS ANGELES HAS BEEN rock music’s home of sun-kissed spiritual unease since Love and The Doors, stylistically peaking with the Asylum label’s slick jazzoid soft-rock and Joni Mitchell’s mid-’70s masterpieces. Her 1976 classic Amelia is the meditation of a specifically female solo flier, a gamble for a male to cover. Here LA native Crosby sings it with humility, a touching tribute from a 76-year-old veteran to his stricken comrade. The ’70s resonate within the 10 exquisitely crafted tracks, opening with the Steely Dan-esque She’s Got To Be Somewhere, written by Crosby’s son James Raymond who co-writes four others and produces throughout. As with 2016’s Lighthouse album, a mood of wistful personal and spiritual quest pervades; if there is an answer, it’s in two of the last three songs, Somebody Home and Home Free.