Help MOJO Find The World’s Best Record Shops!

Nominate the music emporia that have made your lives better, and we’ll feature the most amazing in MOJO.

Help MOJO Find The World’s Best Record Shops!

What is your favourite record shop? Here at MOJO Magazine, we’ve begun a quest to find the best record shops currently existing in the whole world, the model establishments that embody all the values MOJO holds dear. “The ideal record shop should be a world unto itself,” writes MOJO’s Jon Savage. “The best offer an education and an arena. You can meet like-minded souls, start a conversation, hear something that you’ve never heard before.”

Wherever in the world it is, your dream shop will be a fantastic place to spend time. Maybe it looks great, has a cool specialism or super-friendly and knowledgeable staff. Maybe it’s on a boat or in someone’s front room. Perhaps it’s patronised by the local music-making community and/or the guy from Endless Boogie. Maybe it’s all black metal, in Bali. Or just more conventionally, you know, great. Possibly this retail wonder is in your own back yard – a regular haunt/life-support system – or a vision you’ve stumbled on during your travels.

Email with the subject line The World’s Greatest Record Shops or mail your nomination and supporting encomia, including photographs if you can (and/or contacts for someone who might have pictures), to The World’s Greatest Record Shops, c/o Danny Eccleston, MOJO magazine, Bauer Media, Academic House, 24-28 Oval Rd, London NW1 7DT.

Make sure you talk about the recherché items you’ve found there, memorable events/in-stores hosted, and anything the shop does that’s above-and-beyond – like serve alcohol, or cakes. Warning: we will be filtering for proprietors boosting their own businesses. So you’ll have to be smarter than that.

The results of our exhaustive quest will appear in a future issue of MOJO.