MOJO Launches Its First Podcast: Listen Now

Hear the MOJO Innovators Podcast, brought to you by Jaguar and the new Jaguar XE

MOJO Launches Its First Podcast: Listen Now

Decades in the making, we’re thrilled to announce the MOJO Innovators Podcast, a new series brought to you by the MOJO team with Jaguar and the new Jaguar XE.

Each week MOJO’s Associate Editor, Jenny Bulley, will be rounding up an assortment of key MOJO music heads to discuss the artists who changed music forever. 

In the first ever MOJO Innovators podcast, Jenny is joined by MOJO editor John Mulvey and Senior Associate Editor Andrew Male to discuss The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson. Brace yourself for tales of musique concrete and orgasm-denial, as they examine Surfer Girl, Pet Sounds, Smile and the innovations that mapped wild new trajectories in sound. And you can hear all the music mentioned on this podcast by going to the MOJO Innovators Podcast Playlist at Apple Music.

You can find the MOJO Innovators podcast here or via Apple, Spotify, and all your usual podcast providers. Coming soon: David Bowie, Kate Bush, Aretha Franklin and many, many more.