New MOJO: The 50 Greatest Pink Floyd Songs, And 2 Covers!

Choose your favourite Floyd. Enjoy features on Patti Smith, The Cure, Paul Simon, Kamasi Washington and Can’s Damo Suzuki. Magazine in UK stores from Tuesday, May 22.

New MOJO: The 50 Greatest Pink Floyd Songs, And 2 Covers!

THE NEW MOJO magazine, #296, glories in two cover alternatives. Cover 1 features Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. Cover 2 features the line-up of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright.

Your local newsagent will stock both versions, so you should be able to choose your preference – that is, while stocks last. The magazine hits UK shops on Tuesday, May 22.

Alternatively, you can purchase online and HAVE YOUR CHOICE SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOME. Again, while stocks last.

Subscribers will receive one cover or the other on a random basis.

Our 20-page 50 Greatest Pink Floyd Songs splurge is a celebration of their works from Walk With Me Sydney to The Endless River and all points between, and features an interview with Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets, the Floyd drummer’s unexpected live reincarnation of the Syd Barrett-era band.

After 50 years at the back of the stage , I’m ruling with a rod of iron!
— Nick Mason

“I’m morphing after 50 years at the back of the stage to being band leader,” Mason tells MOJO’s Mat Snow, “ruling with a rod of iron!”

Enhancing the psychedelic mood is MOJO’s covermount CD: Bright Ambassadors Of Morning – a collection of mind-altering music from the past and present, featuring The Flaming Lips, James Holden, Phil Manzanera, Todd Rundgren, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more.

Also in the issue: a heart-on-sleeve interview with Patti Smith on the eve of her UK tour, a rare full-career rundown with Can man Damo Suzuki, an audience with saxophone colossus Kamasi Washington, and new perspectives on Paul Simon’s life-changing spells in the UK, 1963-65.

And! The Cure’s real meltdown; Neil Young’s Santa Monica Flyers reform; behind those new Abba songs; Norma Waterson, Christopher Eccleston, James Williamson, Cecil Taylor, Natalie Prass, Gene Clark and Fela Kuti.