Johnny Marr On His Memoir: “I’ve Got An Amazing Memory!”
. Revealing his progress so far, Marr explains his literary goals to MOJO’s Ian Harrison. “All I can say
Complete Control! Listen To Adrian Sherwood's New Comp
tracks out there again.” It’s certainly worth a listen as reviewer Ian Harrison explains in our new
MOJO Issue 222 / May 2012
visionary, Lawrence. Ian Harrison speaks to band and leader about a plan so strange it could have
MOJO Issue 237 / August 2013
alderman is wise and thoughtful on matters rock, pop, dance and extra-curricular. Ian Harrison gets
MOJO 280 / March 2017
really fast,” he tells Ian Harrison. THIN LIZZY 1977 looked set to be the celtic rock’n’roll warriors
MOJO Issue 230 / January 2013
returns with another intense dramaturgical, audio-sculptural epic. Ian Harrison guides him back
MOJO Issue 226 / September 2012
the world. Ian Harrison hears how it all went awry. VAN DYKE PARKS: Child actor, songwriter
MOJO Issue 219 / February 2012
saga. Ian Harrison speaks to the band and their estranged bassist to find a new vitality charging
The Prodigy: “We Had Some Great Chats With David Bowie”
tells MOJO’s Ian Harrison. “I remember Bowie coming into the dressing room when we did gigs together
New Order On Music Complete: “We Took Nothing For Granted”
about Low-Life,” Stephen Morris tells MOJO’s Ian Harrison. “It’s weird, this record really did come out
Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant Slates Social Media
) The Incredible String Band, the full interview, with MOJO's Ian Harrison in the latest issue of the
MOJO Issue 218 / January 2012
unearthed tracks, Ian Harrison speaks to the magicians themselves about their mysterious, hypnotic
MOJO Issue 212 / July 2011
. James McNair feels the grey fedora. NEW ORDER: The guys who came in from the cold. Ian Harrison speaks
MOJO 256 / March 2015
normal group,” they admit to Ian Harrison. ART KANE THE ASTONISHING IMAGES of one of photography’s
MOJO Issue 213 / August 2011
ticket and keeping a key under the mat for Rod. WILD BEASTS: Ian Harrison hears how the earthy yet
MOJO Issue 192 / October 2009
future workings of the electronic pioneers. “Forward direction, always forward,” he tells Ian Harrison. BRIAN
MOJO 254 / January 2015
talk to Ian Harrison about pop singles and a life going unsteady. MOJO REVIEW OF 2014 So what was our
The Smiths
Ian Harrison
John Harle & Marc Almond – My Fair Lady
Ian Harrison
Stephen Emmer & Glenn Gregory – Untouchable
Ian Harrison
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