Mogwai – Rave Tapes
Artist: Mogwai . Yes, Rave Tapes doesn’t show Mogwai colonising new territory, but that seems fair when their own Mogwai – Rave Tapes Album Artist: Mogwai costume changes run the risk of becoming part of the landscape. Mogwai have been blessed and cursed by not needing a great deal of cosmetic adjustment since their 1997 debut Mogwai Young Team. In why Mogwai shouldn’t be taken for granted. Admittedly, Rave Tapes starts with the teary swoon of Heard
Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun
Artist: Mogwai wizardry is a better fit than ever for the latterly computerised, synth-friendly Mogwai. “In Berkeley remains beyond question. In the beginning, Mogwai took the artfully poised experimentalism of US ‘posties Album Artist: Mogwai Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun TWENTY YEARS ON FROM THEIR DEBUT, post-rock cornerstone Mogwai Young Team, this Lanarkshire-hatched Mogwai, forever enthused by the binary options of extreme noize and mind-mashing calm, would’ve run out of steam by now. In a word: wrong. drive-time. Going forward from there, Mogwai indulge their more filmic side: Brain Sweeties layers Mogwai
Mogwai Channel Teenage Exorcists On New EP
Artist: Mogwai Mogwai Channel Teenage Exorcists On New EP , Mogwai now herald the countdown to Christmas by dropping a new EP on December 1. Music Industry 3 afford Mogwai the unusual experience of hearing their audience sing back at them. The euphoria peaks Demons out! Mogwai go pop!
Mogwai Soundtrack The Hudson River Project
film will feature an all-new Mogwai soundtrack. “The Hudson River Project film is something we’re Mogwai Soundtrack The Hudson River Project Artist: Mogwai the source of the Hudson River, Lake Tear Of The Clouds (itself a candidate for a Mogwai song title Mogwai will follow their soundtracks to Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait and cerebral French Zombie immensely excited about soundtracking.” Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite told MOJO this week. “James and trailer shows Bowthorpe on reconnaissance trips to NYC and the remote Adirondacks, set to Mogwai’s Mogwai
Mogwai Declare The Lord Is Out Of Control
Artist: Mogwai Mogwai Declare The Lord Is Out Of Control MOGWAI HAVE POSTED a new video from their forthcoming album Rave Tapes. The video is another
20 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far
Artist: Mogwai
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Artist: Mogwai / Carole King / Link Wray / Mogwai / Bert Jansch / Supergrass / Bikini Kill / And more! Plus! Sexwitch – or
MOJO Issue 181 / December 2008
with the disco diva as she bares everything, well…almost. MOGWAI: Dodgy pacemakers aren't the usual concerns of the modern touring band, but post-rock kings Mogwai have never done anything by the
MOJO 270 / May 2016
Artist: Mogwai / Brian Eno / M83 / Pet Shop Boys / Jesca Hoop & Sam Beam / Mogwai / Weezer / Cheap Trick / Susanna
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/ Bright Eyes / The Low Anthem / James Blake / Drive-By Truckers / Gruff Rhys / Faust / Mogwai
Slint's Spiderland: Myth, Math & Metallica
, otherworldly 1991 album that spawned post-rock and math-rock and influenced everyone from Mogwai to Sigur asked the guy, ‘What is this,’ and it was Mogwai. What album? I don’t know, but I was, Alright, now
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