Roy Harper – Time Is Temporary
, Harper joins MOJO’s Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander on the MOJO Rocks radio show on Saturday July 20 album. Hear Phil Alexander's interview with Roy Harper on MOJO Rocks on Saturday July 20 from 7.00pm
Mott The Hoople: "We Thought It Was All Over"
Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander on the MOJO Rocks radio show on Planet Rock, keyboard player Verden Phil Alexander issues. Hear Phil Alexander’s interview with Ian Hunter and Verden Allen (all of whom are pictured
Stars Cover Led Zep’s Physical Graffiti On New MOJO CD
Alexander interviews Jimmy Page in front of a live audience at London’s fabled Olympic Studios in a -Chief Phil Alexander on Planet Rock Radio this Saturday (February 21) from 7pm (GMT). Also, Phil
Win A Musical Chemistry Set From... The Chemistry Set!
this very limited edition to give away! Described by our own Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander as “one
Ringo Starr’s Photographs Set For National Portrait Gallery Show
between positions behind the drum kit and the lens with our Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander when he
MOJO ’60s Is Back – Latest Issue On Sale June 18
including Mark Paytress, Charles R Cross, Phil Alexander, Barney Hoskyns, Andrew Perry, Colin Irwin, Pat
Pink Floyd Essential Licks! Special Stamps Celebrate Group
the stamps will be accompanied with notes written by MOJO’s Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander. The
MOJO Issue 219 / February 2012
force behind Smashing Pumpkins. Having survived band fractures, witches and psychics, he’s back. Phil Alexander hears about pro-wrestling and a whole new Pumpkins. DAVID BOWIE: A genuine sonic revolution
MOJO Issue 229 / December 2012
liftetime. “Things can be achieved against impossible odds,” discovers Phil Alexander. PETE TOWNSHEND: Walk
MOJO Issue 235 / June 2013
Iommi and Geezer Butler speak to Phil Alexander about the chaotic history and heavy legacy of Black
MOJO 247 / June 2014
-Kim Deal incarnation. WRECKLESS ERIC Now happy and sober, Eric Goulden tells Phil Alexander how an
How Krist Novoselic Learned To Love Nevermind
Alexander that Nevermind’s punkier follow-up “would be our absolution”. But, looking back with the prepared to play their triumphant 1992 Reading Festival show, Novoselic told MOJO Editor-In-Chief Phil
MOJO Magazine Turns 20
you’re looking at a unique, unmissable package. Phil Alexander, the Editor-In-Chief of MOJO says: “When
David Bowie's Ziggy Movie Comes To Cinemas
magazine. This film will feature MOJO’s Editor-In-Chief Phil Alexander in conversation with The Spiders
MOJO 258 / May 2015
is today. DAEVID ALLEN MOJO editor Phil Alexander pays tribute to the life and work of the singular
MOJO Issue 204 / November 2010
something new and different!” he tells Phil Alexander JOHN LENNON: The making of his final masterpiece: the
MOJO Issue 208 / March 2011
sounds that went overground in 1991. By Phil Alexander. PEARL JAM: Stone Gossard recalls the stress
MOJO Issue 199 / June 2010
, MOJO’s Sylvie Simmons, Phil Alexander and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott revisit the making of their bona
MOJO Issue 190 / August 2009
the limit. But where next for this latter-day Scott Walker? Phil Alexander looks for the answer in
MOJO Issue 201 / August 2010
think I could do it any more," he tells Phil Alexander. IAN HUNTER: Revered by everyone from Bob
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