The 20 Most Important Artists Of The Last 20 Years

BACK AT THE BEGINNING of December we asked you to select the music artists you felt bestrode the 20 years of MOJO magazine’s existence and you responded in your droves. Now we’ve finished flicking balls across the office abacus, the results are in. Cue whooping and hollering in the echoing halls of rock’s recognised, and desperate wailing and gnashing amongst the overlooked acts.

As requested, you suspended your personal likes and dislikes, but not your judgment and perspicacity, as you put your fingers on the acts who’ve influenced, the acts who’ve innovated, and a couple who have simply dominated.

Some revived forgotten genres, others refreshed themselves tirelessly, others stood for something timeless and admirable – avatars of courage and character, not just talent and tunes. One or two rose from the grave to cast a long shadow over the new music that we have loved.

But who are they? Slide through the gallery to reveal all. And watch out for more 20th Anniversary content on the MOJO web site and in forthcoming issues of MOJO magazine.