MOJO 368, featuring Paul Weller
MOJO 368 – July 2024: Paul Weller

Paul Weller, The Byrds, Pete Townshend, Questlove, Marvin Gaye and Byrds Companion CD in latest magazine

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The Rolling Stones, Houston Texas, 28 April 2024
The Rolling Stones Live Review: Stones sparkle anew on opening night of Hackney Diamonds tour

Stones roll back the years as the Hackney Diamonds tour kicks off in Houston, Texas.

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Paul Weller 2024
Paul Weller: All His Albums Ranked!

MOJO ranks and rates all of Paul Weller's solo albums

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Shellac 2018
Shellac To All Trains Review: Steve Albini’s noiseniks bow out on powerful form

Trio deliver a suitably seismic swansong for the late producer.

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Johnny Cash 1987
Album Of Unheard Johnny Cash Songs To Be Released Next Month: “He was working hard, giving everything he had.”

John Carter Cash speaks to MOJO about the new album of unheard Johnny Cash recordings, out in June.

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Manic Street Preachers, Phoenix Festival, 1996
Manic Street Preachers: Their Best Albums Ranked

Designs for life: MOJO’s pick of the Manic’ greatest ever albums

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Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis Remembered: “Ian was actually loads of fun.”

On the anniversary of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis’ death in 1980, bandmates, friends and family help to unravel the story of an artist torn apart by love, epilepsy and duty.

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Kathleen Hanna
Kathleen Hanna Rebel Girl Review: Revolutionary life and times of punk rock instigator

The personal and the political collide on Bikini Kill/Le Tigre singer’s memoir.

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Michael Head
Michael Head Loophole Review: Cult Liverpool songwriter continues to flourish

Former Shack/Pale Fountains leader builds on – and improves – the foundations of 2022’s renaissance, Dear Scott

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Beth Gibbons 2024
Beth Gibbons Lives Outgrown Review: Portishead singer makes stunning solo debut

Thirty years after the release of Portishead’s debut, Beth Gibbons finally makes her first solo album.

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Paul Weller And Noel Gallagher, The Q Awards, 2006
Noel Gallagher On Paul Weller: “He’s as real as it gets.”

Noel Gallagher on the ever-changing muse of his friend, hero and MOJO’s current cover star, Paul Weller.

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