The 50 Weirdest Albums Ever

An incredible journey into a far-out world of dream jazz, skronk rock and sonic insanity.

The 50 Weirdest Albums Ever

IN ORDER TO TRULY blow one’s mind, one must travel to the far reaches of the music cosmos – to a place where Throbbing Gristle, Barbra Streisand, Captain Beefheart, Bongwater, Tim Buckley and Boredoms reign supreme and sonic adventures into the unknown are an essential part of daily life. A dimension where flipped-out acid rock rubs shoulders with records that reconfigured our conception of what music could be while manifestations of further-out lunacy – some barely recognisable as music at all – hover while laughing maniacally.

Welcome, then, to our list of the 50 Most “Out There” Albums Of All Time. Dig in, hold on tight and when you've emerged from the mayhem, let us know what we've missed by voting for your own ultimate weird record. We’ll compile a readers’ list as soon as our wigs have unflipped.

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