Complete Mountain Almanac: Under The Influence

Chamber folk duo Complete Mountain Almanac compile a playlist of some of the music that inspired their debut album.

Complete Autumn Almanac

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SOUNDING IN PARTS like a great lost record from Island’s ‘Pink Label’ era of the late ’60s and early ’70s, the debut album by Complete Mountain Almanac comprises 12 songs documenting one individual’s month-by-month relationship with nature and climate change. On a par with The Weather Station’s magnificent 2021 album Ignorance, it’s the work of Norwegian singer/composer Rebekka Karijord with lyricist Jessica Dessner and Dessner’s brothers Bryce and Aaron (of The National). Here, exclusively for MOJO, Karijord and Dessner have compiled a selection of female vocal tracks that inspired the album, which is out 27 January via Bella Union…


Jessica Dessner: "This one song, on Mimi Parker's final record, holds all of the experience and feeling that catalyzed Complete Mountain Almanac."


Buffy Sainte-Marie
Little Wheel Spin and Spin

Rebekka Karijord:  “I love the intensity and urgency, plus the guitar-playing in this tracks inspired me when writing Complete Mountain Almanac.”


Jessica Dessner: "I live in Italy, I wish I was Italian, I will never be Italian, but when I listen to Mina, I feel very close."

Kathleen Frances

Jessica Dessner:  “Her singing here exemplifies our love of quietness in art.”

Diane Cluck
A Phoenix & Doves

Jessica Dessner:  “Endless dharmic wisdom in this song - in so many of her songs.”

Joanna Brouk 
The Space Between

Rebekka Karijord: "A playwright making instrumental music. Ambience with substance - Something I am always looking for”

La Force
Ready to Run

Jessica: Dessner: "This songs reminds me to count on moving around the world again, the way I used to, with a fire under my ass."

Buke & Gase
Hard Times

Jessica Dessner: “We would do anything to impress Arone Dyer as much as she has impressed us over the years.”

Aldous Harding 
Zoo Eyes

Rebekka Karijord: "Such an original storyteller, where production and voice keeps revealing new layers to the story every time I listen."

Y La Bamba
Ojos del Sol

Jessica Dessner: “Here is a gift from lifting veneration out of the heart into song.”

Complete Mountain Almanac is released on January 27 by Bella Union.

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