Crowded House Gravity Stairs Review: Neil Finn and co. match up to their mid-90s peak

On their eight LP, Crowded House finally do Crowded House again.

Crowded House

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Crowded House

Gravity Stairs



The three occasional albums that have followed since Crowded House’s 1996 split have been ad hoc affairs, mostly comprising songs written for other Neil Finn projects that he felt somehow aligned more with his old band. This second album by the latest line-up (his sons Liam and Elroy, founding bass player Nick Seymour, and one-time producer Mitchell Froom on keyboards), however, started and finished as pure Crowded House.

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While last album Dreamers Are Waiting had flashes of the old days, Gravity Stairs tracks such as Teenage Summer, Oh Hi and particularly All That I Can Ever Own and The Howl effortlessly withstand direct comparison with the band’s mid-’90s peak. OK, there may not be anything quite like 1993’s near-perfect Distant Sun – few songs by anyone are – but Gravity Stairs is the most Crowded House thing that Crowded House have made in 30 years.

Andy Fyfe

Track listing:

Magic Piano

Teenage Summer

The Howl

All That I Can Ever Own

Oh Hi

Some Greater Plan (for Claire)

Black Water, White Circle

Blurry Grass

I Can't Keep Up With You


Night Song

Gravity Stairs is out now on BMG

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