The Murder Capital: Under The Influence

Dublin post-punks The Murder Capital compile a playlist of some of the music that inspired their second album, Gigi’s Recovery

The Murder Capital

by Chris Catchpole |
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This month Dublin post-punk outfit – and recent MOJO Rising stars – The Murder Capital release their second album, Gigi’s Recovery. Here, exclusively for MOJO, the band talk to us about some of the music that inspired them...

Bill Callahan
All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast

Diarmuid Brennan, drums: “The instruments are spread and grow across the track evoking a feeling of evolving and becoming. Musically building in small effective ways creates an arc for the vocal to climb and hang from the music surrounding it. In isolation I was drawn to Bill's discography especially the earlier Smog records, but it drew me to return to the room and play together.”

Minimal Man 
Pull Back The Bolt

James McGovern, vocals: “This shook me up and straightened me out whenever I needed it. I often listened just before heading into the studio. Gets the blood flowing.”


Cathal Roper, guitar: “Hearing this, I immediately wanted to put synth pads against driving drums. How big it makes the harmony feel is what I love about it.”

John Hassell/Brian Eno 
Delta Rain Dream
Damien Tuit, guitar: “The textures of this song in particular but also his, Harold Budd’s and Brian Eno’s discography were very inspirational to me in terms of pure texture and mood.”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Jubilee Street

James McGovern, vocals: “Potency.”

Kings of Leon
Gabriel Paschal Blake, bass: “I wanted to write a bassline that was as impactful as the one on this, thinking in my head it was an absolute banger. When I listened back to it the elements were far more simple than they were in my head. I woke up one morning listened to it 5 times in a row then went in and wrote the opening bassline for ‘The Lie Becomes The Self.’”

Alex G

Damien Tuit, guitar: “From the vocal sampling at the start to the pitch bent flute sound, this song was a big inspiration to me in terms of how a simple rock song could be done in a very modern way.”


Diarmuid Brennan, drums: “The minimalist approach of Autechre repeating patterns to create succinct ideas allows for strong meaningful changes. The tones are so solid from beginning to end too that though change is happening it doesn't deviate too far from the original essence. This was something we considered a lot particularly when recording the album.”

Steve Reich
Electric Counterpoint Part II. Slow
Cathal Roper, guitar: “In terms of texture and approach, this was so inspiring.”

Alice Deejay 
Better Off Alone
Gabriel Paschal Blake, bass: “This was the only tune that could make me cry for like two months at a stage when we were writing!”

Gigi’s Recovery is out now via Human Season.

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