MOJO Launches Punk Icons With A Deluxe Clash Special

Our latest Collectors’ Series volume on The Clash is on sale now, with a Sex Pistols edition to follow

Our latest Collectors’ Series volume on The Clash is on sale now, with a Sex Pistols edition to follow

by John Mulvey |
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Hot off the presses, the latest MOJO Collectors’ Series is dedicated to the genius of The Clash. The first of our Punk Icons series, it comes in a deluxe gatefold wallet with space to fit the follow-up volume on the Sex Pistols.

The Clash issue is out now, and you can order a copy direct from us here. OR you can order both The Clash and Sex Pistols volumes.

Each volume brings together MOJO’s finest writing on The Clash and the Sex Pistols. They tell how, in 1976, punk rock exploded in Britain, sparked by the emergence of the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Over the next two years, their electrifying sound, look and attitude would transform music and bring a vital new energy and swagger to popular culture – with plenty of riots, arrests, bust-ups and drug issues along the way.

But while the Pistols would crash and burn after their incendiary Never Mind The Bollocks album, The Clash would go on to develop their sound on 1979’s London Calling LP and beyond, eventually incorporating reggae, ska, dub and hip hop into their grooves until their rancorous split in 1985.

The first issue of Punk Icons unfolds the story of The Clash, from Mick Jones and Paul Simonon poaching Joe Strummer from pub rockers The 101’ers to form the group, to the chaos and destruction of their 1977 White Riot tour; and thereon from the controversial visits to America that inspired the London Calling, Sandinista! and Combat Rock albums, to the dramatic dismissal of first drummer Topper Headon in 1982, and then Jones the following year.

In between you’ll find rucks, riots, ripping tunes and a devotion to all things reggae, as The Clash earned their reputation as rock’s ultimate rebels.

THE CLASH is available from December 23, 2021 and comes in a special gatefold wallet with space to accommodate the follow-up issue on the SEX PISTOLS.

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: PUNK ICONS – Part 2 SEX PISTOLS turns the spotlight on the extraordinary tale of the most notorious and exciting rock band of the 1970s, documenting Johnny Rotten and crew’s brief but brilliant assault on music and culture, from their swearing on primetime TV and creating a furore in Jubilee year with God Save The Queen, to the fatally destructive habits of Sid Vicious and their split following a car-crash US tour in January 1978. The story resumes with their unexpected reunion in 1996 and the trials and tribulations that have followed. SEX PISTOLS will be available from January 27, 2022.Our latest Collectors’ Series volume on The Clash is on sale now, with a Sex Pistols edition to follow

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