Matthew Dear (feat. Tegan And Sara) – Pale Shelter

Tears For Fears' angstful synth-pop fave covered by Texas/Calgary electronica aggregation – hear it now.

Matthew Dear (feat. Tegan And Sara) – Pale Shelter

Matthew Dear: piloting a trans-generational synth-pop love-in. OF TEARS FOR FEARS’ 1983 LP The Hurting, John Grant memorably stated “it still sends me to places I can barely describe”. He’s clearly not the only one in thrall to Tears For Fears (pictured, above) and their interest in the psychotherapeutic ideas of original primal screamer Arthur Janov. Here cryptic techno auteur Matthew Dear and Canada’s pop-indie sibling duo Tegan And Sara conspire over a groovesome, buffed, synth-moderne take on Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal 1983 “parental love song” and top five hit Pale Shelter.

This cover version love is returned by Tears For Fears themselves, who’ve posed a bittersweet take on Animal Collective’s domestic ode My Girls to follow their recent readings of tracks by Hot Chip and Arcade Fire.


Tears For Fears have also announced a contest for remixes of Pale Shelter – see here to download the constituent parts and get cracking on your yardcore/crunk/zeuhl reinterpretations.