Sabina – Toujours

Brazilian Girls' voice shares title track of her solo album. Hear it now.

Sabina – Toujours

SHE'S MOSTLY KNOWN FOR boldly fronting noughties New York dance crew Brazilian Girls, but next month Sabina Sciubba dispenses with her surname and goes solo with her new LP Toujours. Here's the title track, a hip gyrating cocktail shaker of wiggy bossa nova and squally Farfisa with the German-Italian-French singer sagely advising, “we might as well be happy.”

“This is my first real solo recording,” she tells MOJO of the LP, out next month on the Naim Edge label. “I didn't have to convince anyone of anything. Quite liberating after having worked in a band, where even small decisions, like 'do you want houmus or guacamole on the rider' turned into a lengthy discussion.” Brazilian Girls aren't over, though; having concluded their 2009-2012 hiatus, she says, a new LP’s almost completed and is due out later this year. “I love singing and when somebody asks me to sing, what can I say?” posits Sabina. “Yes. My favourite word is yes. Or rather ‘Oui’!”

PHOTO: Sylvian Gripoix