Tom Brosseau – Today Is A Bright New Day

North Dakota troubadour brings stark, trembling beauty to folky acoustic pop. The world is better for it.

Tom Brosseau – Today Is A Bright New Day

GIVEN HIS ETIOLATED HIPSTER looks (with, admittedly, a touch of Dorothea Lange protagonist), Tom Brosseau's music is a sparkling surprise. Simple and pure, with a glassy voice atop a chiming acoustic guitar, it’s all about the songs, and – luckily for us – Brosseau's songs can handle the attention. They’re kinda sorta folk, with melodies that elude genre headings and lodge in the brain. Just rootsy enough, with a personalizing hint of quirk, Today Is a Bright New Day is a case in point. Suffice to say, it shines – just the thing for a Monday morning when the heating’s on the blink and spiritual succour is in short supply. It’s an excellent advertisement for Grass Punks, Brosseau's seventh studio album, recorded in his new home town of Los Angeles and out today on Tin Angel Records.

And here it is...

“Grass Punks at once brought to my mind an earthen smouldering stick, used to light a wick or ward off peskiness, explains Brosseau of his album title, after a fashion. “But now it stands for something greater, a sort of heading for everything I believe in when it comes to my folk music and DIY recording.”

Baffled? Intrigued? Catch Brosseau on tour in the US right now, and in the UK “early in 2014”.