Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

TIMBER TIMBRE ARE SAID to take their name from the wooden Ontario cabin where linchpin Taylor Kirk recorded his debut album. This fifth album is more an ornate picture palace – in some magically gothic American Everyville. Kirk’s commanding baritone and air of deadpan wisdom gives commonality with Bill Callahan, but this is a more expansive, rococo production than Callahan’s Dream River. There are strings, horns and rasped exclamations suggestive of a Sergio Leone soundtrack – colouring the kind of thrillingly claustrophobic “carny” atmospheres previously occupied by The Bad Seeds and The Triffids. Lyrics like “Crystal columns silver tabloid entries”, plus cryptic reference to the late Kentucky psychic Edgar Cayce, add to a darkly luxuriant album, to be decoded at one’s leisure. Watch the video for the title track here: