Funkadelic Do The Cosmic Slop In 1973

Join the acid-funk warriors as they devour Manhattan.

Funkadelic Do The Cosmic Slop In 1973

STORMING THROUGH A grubby New York City like mind-fried outcasts high on all the brown acid, Funkadelic are a glorious vision of chaos and freedom in this promo for the first and only single to be taken from their fifth album, Cosmic Slop. The track’s portentous mix of voodoo psychedelia and insidious R&B is held together by the late Gary Shider’s zephyr-like vocals and that mercurial lead guitar, all somehow chiming with the rest of group’s carefree shape-throwing on the streets of Manhattan.

Good trip? Bad trip? Who cares when the clip is this good...

And here’s their 1976 live version: