Even Weirder: MOJO Readers' 50 Weirdest Albums

Cue: 50 unmissable revelations of ape-kosmik thrash-prog and... The Osmonds???

Even Weirder: MOJO Readers' 50 Weirdest Albums

A WEEK AGO, MOJO published a list of The 50 Weirdest Albums Ever – which quickly proved to be one of the most popular features we’ve ever posted. But it gets better. Because after revelling in our loony list, you fabulous freaks of the MOJO multiverse were asked to volunteer your own far-out favourites, and you responded in your thousands.

SO WEIRD and SO BRILLIANT were the responses that we've compiled an all-new, completely different, even barmier list of 50 Weird Albums, entirely from your recommendations.

You taxed our spellcheck (thank you, Magma’s Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh) and stretched our credulity (can there really be an album called Reverse Atheism by Glands Of External Secretion? There can!). But mostly you enlightened and elevated us to a higher plane of weirdness.

So read on, and accept our blown minds as your prize... you weirdos.

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