Allah-Las – 501-415

A slice of West Coast psych from the L.A. garage quartet’s forthcoming new album. Hear it now.

Allah-Las – 501-415

SINCE THEY MET, WORKING at Hollywood’s Ameoba Records in 2008, The Allah-Las have cultivated a sound not unlike an eyeful of L.A. sun, earthier than The Byrds and healthier than The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On their sophomore effort due this Fall, Worship The Sun, they further explore their characteristic blend of garage rock, electric folk and psychedelic pop. Best of all, they have a teaser track to share with MOJO readers. It’s somewhat enigmatically entitled 501-415...

“You can’t lose and you can’t win, so give it all your best spin,” urges singer Pedrum Siadatian, riding a tidy freakbeat through tingling arpeggios and brass-like fuzz blasts. There's a sense of summer nearly over (so soon?), enhanced by the track’s bracing brevity, as it racks up a fat-free 1.43. Somewhere between the freedom of throwing caution to the wind and understanding the dire consequences of doing so, there’s 501-415.

On September 19, Allah-Las will release Worship The Sun on Innovative Leisure.

Photo: Nolan Hall