Kate Bush's 50 Greatest Songs

AT THE HEART OF MOJO’s 20-page Kate Bush Special is a celebration of her 50 Greatest Songs. It’s an in-depth look at the extraordinary variety and brilliance of her oeuvre, with each of the 50 selected tracks weighed up and ranked in terms of its excellence.

“An array of star musicians helped us explore Bush’s art.”

We took on board your online input, plus the votes of our Kate Bush-loving writers, and explored what made each song unique, transporting, and in some instances, simply bafflingly bonkers.

An array of star musicians also helped to shed new light on every aspect of Bush’s multi-faceted art. Among them: Anna Calvi on Bush’s voice, The Waterboys’ Mike Scott on her mysticism, Sparks’ Russell Mael on her bravery and MOJO covermount CD star Nite Jewel on the awesome genius of Hounds Of Love.

Here’s the list, from 50 to 1. For the insightful and sometimes aptly dizzying prose, you'll need to acquire the latest MOJO magazine, on sale in the UK from Tuesday, August 26.

For more on the new MOJO...

Meanwhile, repair unto MOJO’s Facebook page to offer your input and log the inevitable omission of your favourite track: Violin, anyone?

How many of these 50 songs will she play at her Hammersmith shows? Now, there’s a question.

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