Kinks Reunion Confirmed For 2015 – With Or Without Dave Davies

Ray Davies reveals continuing friction means the reunion could go ahead without founder member and brother Dave.

Kinks Reunion Confirmed For 2015 – With Or Without Dave Davies

ROCK LEGENDS THE KINKS will reunite in 2015 for a tour and new album, the group’s singer Ray Davies reveals in the latest issue of MOJO, available in UK shops now. However, his younger brother and musical foil Dave, with whom he started the group in 1963, may not join the reunion due to their ever-fractious relationship. “Dave’s invited to the party, but if he doesn’t want to do it, [the reunion] will happen anyway,” reveals the singer. “He’s very welcome to turn up if he wants. I’d much rather work with him than without him.”

The group – who last played together in 1996 – met last summer to discuss a reunion, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary this autumn of their breakthrough hit, You Really Got Me. But strained relations between the Davies brothers have postponed a Kinks get-together until next year. Meanwhile, Ray has been recording new Kinks material with original drummer Mick Avory, to which Dave has yet to contribute.

Asked if The Kinks without Dave would actually be The Kinks, Davies replies, “Yes, it would. I think it’s all down to the music. If somebody can’t or won’t play, there are other players out there. Mick and I want to do it.”

In our exclusive interview, Davies also discusses the new album he’s writing as a companion piece to his 2013 book Americana: The Kinks, The Road And The Perfect Riff, and the shows he’s playing in September based around the 50th anniversary of You Really Got Me.

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