How To Buy Rory Gallagher

Which of his albums does everyone need to hear, and why?

How To Buy Rory Gallagher

THE NEXT MOJO HOW TO BUY pages turn to the much-admired Irish guitar maestro Rory Gallagher, a player whose fans include Johnny Marr, The Edge and Brian May. First coming to notice with Cork’s blues-rockers Taste in the late ’60s, his solo recording career started in earnest in 1971 with the release of his reflective, self-titled debut. Running concurrently with the hard-gigging guitarist’s incessant touring – including, of course, his fondly-recalled stop-offs in Belfast as The Troubles raged – his discography would include such outstanding works as Irish Tour ’74, Calling Card and Live In Europe. Sadly, Gallagher would die in 1995, but thanks to his estate, archival sets have continued to sate fans’ appetites with such packages as 1999’s BBC Sessions and 2013’s hard boiled graphic novel/album package Kickback City.

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And here, if you're in need of inspiration, is a powerful dose of the man himself...