Noel Gallagher Pairs Johnny Marr Team-Up With Ironic Video

Former Oasis man premieres pop video about making pop videos for Ballad Of The Mighty I.

Noel Gallagher Pairs Johnny Marr Team-Up With Ironic Video

IF NOEL GALLAGHER working with childhood hero and primary influence Johnny Marr wasn’t already 'meta' enough, then the video for the pair’s collaboration hits the Post Modern jackpot. The cover of <em>Chasing Yesterday</em>, released March 2.

Having previously announced that the Smiths’ nabob had contributed to several tracks on his second High Flying Birds album, Chasing Yesterday (out March 2), the former Oasis leader has selected a track featuring the pair, Ballad Of The Mighty I, as his next single. It will be officially released on February 23.

You can watch the video for the song below. It’s effectively a pop video about pop videos, featuring a grumpy Gallagher walking across London, unsuccessfully avoiding selfies, before turning up to sneer at the film company’s overly trendy office.

He then joins a brief performance with his band, before storming off at the end despite the director’s pleas and the claim that “Chris Martin did ten takes!”

If you’re unsure about all the 'Po-Mo', then trust us, it’s funnier than Russell Brand’s recent Question Time performance, and the song itself finds Noel in full-on horizon-filling, lung-bursting blissful indie mode, with the addition of shuffling disco drums and Marr providing Kraftwerk-like chimes.

All in all – song, video – it’s heady stuff. Watch now.

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