Dexys' Pete Williams – New Solo Album Preview!

Listen to We Came We Saw from the bassist's Roughnecks + Roustabouts, out March 30.

Dexys' Pete Williams – New Solo Album Preview!

DEXYS’ PETE WILLIAMS is to release a new solo album next month, and MOJO has the first track from it to listen to below. The bassist’s Roughnecks + Roustabouts will be out on March 30 and focuses on the dual life he led when he had his first ‘proper job’ as an apprentice foundryman aged 15, but was also playing in various West Midlands bands at the weekends.

"I made this album between February and July last year at Tesla Studios, a converted factory unit in Sheffield," Williams tells MOJO. "I recorded it with my band and some special guests, including Mick Talbot on keys, Josie Lawrence and Clive Mellor on Harmonica. It's a record about time and place, my upbringing in the industrial West Midlands and my escape from that with Dexys' success as a young man. [Williams was a member of the original Dexys Midnight Runners line-up.]"

The album was recorded live and We Came We Saw, below, showcases the record’s relaxed atmosphere with its modish soul beat, jazzy guitars and Williams’ endearing croon down memory lane. Listen now.

To mark the album’s release Williams and his band will play The Islington in London on March 24. For more visit